Trane Products

Pool Heating

Trane gas pool heaters and heat pumps will make your pool or spa ready for when you want to swim. If you live in a cooler climate, consider a gas pool heater. They heat water quickly and work in any temperature. If you live in a climate that stays above 50 degrees, a heat pump may be a better choice. Heat pumps use the outside air to heat your pool, and they don’t require gas or propane.

Pool Heat Pump

Trane Heat Pumps are the most reliable, long lasting solution to heat your pool. All of our heat pumps will quietly and efficiently keep your pool at the perfect temperature, so your pool will always be ready when you want to swim.

Gas Pool Heater

Trane gas pool heaters are designed to provide value, durability and energy efficiency for ultimate swimming comfort and peace of mind year after year, all while being environmentally responsible.