Pool Heater Service for Winter Haven & Surrounding Areas

If you’ve ever flown over Florida, you’ve noticed just how many pools stretch out across the state. In fact, according to the most recent survey data, there are more than one million private residential swimming pools in Florida. For the pool experts at Airpliance, this means several opportunities to ensure that clients in our area receive the professional services they need.

pool heater

We have more than 10 years of experience providing pool heater services to residents in Winter Haven, Florida, and the surrounding communities. During this time, we have built a reputation for engaging customer service and high-quality workmanship. Whether it’s a pool heater repair or maintenance service, you can count on us to keep you from drowning in debt. We keep your pool in pristine condition, and all the components working well without it costing you a fortune.

Pool Heater Repair in Winter Haven, Florida

A residential swimming pool heater is a complex piece of equipment. Since some pool heaters use natural gas or liquid propane, the threat of combustion is always present. At Airpliance, our certified technicians know how to safely work with this complex piece of pool equipment, ensuring your family stays safe. If you notice any one of the following issues with your pool heater, contact us right away:

  • The heater doesn’t ignite.
  • The heater pilot doesn’t light.
  • The heater doesn’t reach the desired temperature.
  • The heater frequently cycles on and off.
  • The heater makes sparking or clicking sounds, but it doesn’t ignite.
  • The heater makes a whistling noise.
  • The heater emits a dark exhaust.
  • The heater has damage because of excessive heat.

Pool Heater Service in Winter Haven, Florida

The key to ensuring your heater lasts longer is to maintain it properly. To achieve this goal, you must keep it as clean and dry as possible. Here are a few things homeowners can do themselves to help with extending their heater’s lifespan:

pool heating unit
pool heating unit
  • Sweep under the burner tray.
  • Clean any debris off the heat exchanger.
  • Trim foliage around or above the heater.
  • Avoid mulching around the heater.
  • Keep rodents away by using moth balls or mint sachets.

Once you’ve done your job of maintaining the heater, you can trust us to do the rest. When you contact Airpliance for a pool heater service, you can expect us to conduct checks that can include:

  • Winterizing
  • Checking the transformer
  • Checking the gas valves
  • Monitoring the temperature input and outflow

Never attempt electrical or gas repairs. Call us for annual pool maintenance to avoid problems — especially those that pose threats to safety. For more information about our pool heater repair services, contact Airpliance today at 863-969-9021.

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