AC Repair & Installation for Winter Haven & Surrounding Areas

24/7 emergency servicesWhen the temperatures start to soar, you need a hardy air conditioning system. Above all, it’s good to have a reliable HVAC contractor you can turn to when your air conditioner can’t handle the cooling load. Airpliance is your choice for dependable residential and commercial AC repair and air conditioning service in Winter Haven. We will help you to determine if you can restore indoor comfort with a simple repair or if you need to replace your AC.

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Helping You Keep Your Cool

As your preferred local air conditioning expert, we make it our responsibility to find effective solutions to your air conditioning challenges. We look at all aspects of the system that can affect your air conditioner’s performance, including:

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  • AC age – Older systems are not particularly energy efficient. In addition, because of wear and tear, your air conditioner will lag in performance over time. Upgrading to a modern system will provide a noticeable difference in comfort and energy savings.
  • The ductwork – Leaks in the ductwork can cause you to lose up to 30 percent of the air that moves through it. The loss of air pressure makes it more difficult to cool your home or business as desired and can even result in higher utility bills.
  • The thermostat – An old thermostat, one that is not properly calibrated or one that has failing batteries, can make air conditioning a challenge. We also look at thermostat location. If your thermostat is placed, for example, in an area where it receives direct sunlight or is exposed to other heat sources, it will not read the indoor temperature correctly.
  • The air filter – How often you change your filter will affect air conditioning efficiency. To protect your indoor air quality and improve HVAC efficiency, change or clean your filter as soon as it becomes dirty.
  • Maintenance history – Failing to invest in routine maintenance can affect the performance of your air conditioner, increase the need for repairs, and shorten its life. We recommend preventive maintenance each spring, so that your AC can provide the cooling comfort you need for many years.

Our trained team will offer honest recommendations and provide you with relevant information to help you make the right decisions. Whether you need AC repair, installation or maintenance, we’ll be there for you.

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The Right Approach to Cooling

We understand that cooling systems don’t work the same way for everyone. With that in mind, we provide specialized evaluation services to correctly analyze your specific needs. We will help you to understand all the factors you should consider when selecting the right system — based on your unique circumstances. To improve air conditioning, we provide a range of products and services including:


  • High-performance heat pumps
  • Effective central air conditioning systems
  • Results-oriented air conditioning service
  • Reliable air conditioning installation services
  • Support services and information that increase air conditioning efficiency

We provide a variety of cooling systems, so you have options as you consider the best product for your needs and budget. Our systems are ENERGY STAR® rated, so you can have confidence in their performance and energy-saving potential. We know what it takes to keep you cool in Winter Haven and Lakeland, FL.