According to the Florida Conflict Resolution Consortium Consensus Center, there are 29,291 residential swimming pools in Polk County. If you’re one of the lucky homeowners in Winter Haven, Florida, who own a pool, you likely love taking a dip during the winter months. To ensure it stays warm and welcoming, take these steps to prepare your pool for the cooler weather ahead.

Continue Cleaning Your Pool

Just because the summer is over doesn’t mean your cleaning duties are too. If you want to swim in your pool throughout winter, make sure you vacuum it as often as you would in the summer. Also, while you might not use the pool as much in the winter as in the summer, keep your filter clean and empty the debris traps at least once a week. Not only will this maintain a clean pool to swim in but it’ll also prevent your pool’s filtration system from clogging.

Prevent Algae From Gathering

Cleaning is a step in the right direction, but you should also test your pool water and keep it circulating if you hope to prevent algae. Here are three important rules to follow if you want to keep your pool free from ugly algae.

  1. Test your pool’s balance once per week.
  2. Reduce the chlorine level if the cooler temperatures will mean fewer pool outings.
  3. Set the circulation pump to operate for about six hours per day.

Invest in Pool Heater Maintenance

Florida’s summer sun is hot enough to strain your air conditioner and make your pool feel like a whirlpool bath. But while average high temperatures in Winter Haven during the coolest months of the year linger in the mid-70s, you still need a pool heater to maintain comfortably warm water. To ensure your pool heater is ready for winter’s workload, invest in professional maintenance.

Owning a pool in Florida is a dream, but you must maintain it if you want to avoid it turning into a nightmare. If you’re in need of a professional pool heater repair or maintenance, contact Airpliance today at 863-969-9021.