If you live in Haines City, Florida, or neighboring regions, you know the important role air conditioning plays in your daily life. Even if you and your loved ones only spend a few hours at home each day, your AC makes your life a lot easier and more comfortable, particularly during the scorching summers that Florida is known to experience. Air conditioner maintenance serves several important purposes. For example, it keeps your air conditioner operational and efficient and extends its useful life. The following are a few factors you should consider if you are hesitant about scheduling AC maintenance.

The Maintenance Process

Our maintenance agreement consists of a 32-point inspection. Our thorough examination of your air conditioner includes the indoor and outdoor components. We will also examine the thermostat and provide assistance if you need information about correct programming. The air filter is very important, and we will clean or replace it if necessary. We will also clean any deposits or accumulation of oil and debris. During the inspection process, we will evaluate how the air conditioner operates and make any necessary repairs. If a more detailed or extensive repair is needed, we will be sure to discuss this with you.

Extending the Life of Your Air Conditioner

Your AC is among the most valuable equipment in your home. It is in your best interest to do what you can to protect that investment. When we inspect your AC, this gives us the opportunity to catch any developing problem and take action so that it doesn’t get worse. Cleaning the system protects your air quality and helps the AC to perform more efficiently. Checking how the AC operates allows us to see what areas need to be lubricated, adjusted or replaced. When you take care of your system, you reduce the need for repairs or early replacement.

Your AC Maintenance Experts in Central Florida

Be sure to schedule AC maintenance before summer begins. For more information about our AC maintenance program, or to make an appointment, contact Airpliance at 863-969-9021.