When the temperature plummets in Haines, Florida, nothing is more comforting than a functional heating system. Preventive maintenance helps ensure that your heater works well when you most need it. Taking care of the system protects your health and safeguards your property too. Learn why it’s so important to schedule heating maintenance before the arrival of the cold-weather season.

Fire and Safety Hazards

A failure to clean heating equipment accounts for approximately 28 percent of home heating fires in the United States. Proactive HVAC services from Airpliance can identify any potential problems. Our maintenance experts can often address hazards like loose gas fittings, corroded parts or faulty electrical connections right on the spot. The National Fire Protection Agency recommends having your heating equipment serviced every year.

The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

Most boilers and furnaces keep you warm by burning fuel in a sealed combustion chamber. In addition to soot and water vapor, by-products generated during the process include deadly carbon monoxide. Without regular heating maintenance, parts can corrode and allow the dangerous gas to leak into your home or business. Odorless and colorless, carbon monoxide can cause illness and even death before anyone is aware of its presence.

Better Performance and Efficiency

A reliable heating system ensures your home or business stays warm enough to keep everyone safe, healthy and comfortable. However, regular maintenance also helps your system to perform up to its full potential. You’ll even spend less every month on utilities since your system won’t have to waste energy by working harder.

Because well-maintained heating systems last longer and need fewer repairs, preventive maintenance also protects your wallet. To schedule a full-system tune-up, call us today at 863-969-9021 before Old Man Winter comes knocking. Our broad range of HVAC services make it easy to enjoy the full benefits of your heating system.