Residents in Winter Haven experienced brutally cold temperatures, especially by Florida’s standards, through the middle of January. As a result, homeowners had to crank up their heating systems. In fact, according to electric companies in the area, homeowners haven’t used as much energy to heat their homes since the freeze in 2010. When the winter temperatures take a dramatic dip in the Sunshine State, the heating bills and the need for furnace repairs increases.

Issues With the Ignition

If the pilot control or ignition doesn’t work, your heating system won’t generate warm air to heat your home. There are myriad types of ignition systems, including electric and gas-powered units. Since safety is a concern when working with your furnace’s pilot control or ignition, it’s imperative that you contact an HVAC professional to take a look.

Blower Runs Continuously

An issue with your blower usually indicates that there’s a problem with the limit switch. Again, if you aren’t trained to work with your heating system, it’s best to leave this task to a technically proficient HVAC professional.

Poor Airflow and No Heat

There are many reasons a heating system might operate for lengthy periods and still not produce enough warm air to heat your home. Before contacting a service technician, make sure your HVAC system’s air filter is clean. Also, make sure that your thermostat’s settings are correct. If neither of those is the issue, you’ll need a professional to diagnose the problem.

Strange Sounds During Operation

Whether it’s your car or your furnace, strange sounds are never a sign of anything good. In fact, they’re the biggest indicators of the need for furnace repairs. Although it’s normal for your heating system to make some sounds when turning on or off, rumbles, rattles and other unusual noises indicate a major problem.

Over time, some of your furnace’s parts will start to break down, loosen and detach, causing these noises. A service technician can inspect your belts, bearings and all other moving parts to ensure they’re in good working order.

Is your furnace in need of a repair after working overtime in the middle of January? Contact Airpliance today at 863-969-9021 to make sure your heating system is ready for the next wave of cold weather this winter.

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