Running the A/C while the windows are open is simply not a good idea.

Here at Airpliance, we get a lot of questions about the proper operation and maintenance of HVAC systems. One question that comes up more often these days is whether it is okay to open up the windows while the system is running. Of course, we understand the need for fresh air and good ventilation to reduce the risk of COVID transmission, but the short answer is no, it is not wise to run your A/C or heater with the windows open.

Why You Shouldn’t Open the Windows When the A/C Is On

First and foremost, when Airpliance installs a new HVAC system in your home, we calculate what size unit is going to best serve your needs based on the square footage of your house, the existing insulation and ductwork, the size and placement of the windows, and more. We don’t figure in the effects of running the system with the windows open. Doing so is going to seriously decrease the efficiency of your unit.

If you are going to open the windows to increase ventilation and airflow, you need to shut the A/C system off for a little while. However, doing so can allow the system to collect dust which can potentially damage the unit, so don’t let the system remain dormant for long periods of time.

When you do shut off the A/C to open the windows, use ceiling fans (or other fans) to actually increase airflow. Otherwise, you are unlikely to get sufficient air movement in the home to significantly improve the air quality. Remember that those open windows are going to allow more allergens, pollen, dust, dirt, and debris into your home. You will want to clean around the windows and check your air filter after time spent with open windows.

Now You Know

Now that you have the facts, we know that you will make good choices for your household. If you have any further questions about the appropriate usage of your HVAC system or anything else related to your home’s climate control, please feel free to call Airpliance at (863) 969-9021.