What would you do if the dryer in your Auburndale, FL home started smoking? Is your dishwasher in serious trouble if it’s no longer cleaning dishes? When your appliances stop working, your first response might be to simply go out to your local department or home improvement store and pick up a new one. However, that may not be necessary. Appliance repairs can cost as little as five percent of a full replacement.

Request an Appliance Inspection from Your Local Experts

It’s hard to know when a funny noise is cause for concern and when it’s benign. Therefore, it’s always a smart choice to request an inspection to get the problem diagnosed. Our service technicians can quickly identify serious issues and potential problems alike. We’ll tell you what’s wrong and explain your options clearly.

Prevent Future Issues With Your Appliances

We go to the doctor to stay healthy. We drop our cars off at the mechanic to keep them running smoothly. Appliances are no different and preventative maintenance can help you avoid many issues outright. The technicians at Airpliance LLC can also identify many issues, such as failing compressors, before they cause your refrigerator to stop working entirely.

Certain appliances such as microwaves and toasters are so affordable that they don’t make financial sense to maintain. However, ovens, fridges, and dishwashers can cost thousands of dollars to replace. Maintenance plans cost far less and will likely pay for themselves many times over.

Do you need appliance repairs? Check out our appliance care services online, or give us a call at 863-969-9021 today!