You can’t afford to be without air conditioning in Central Florida. Generally, we experience hot and humid conditions for most of the year. However, it can get cool enough during the winter season to warrant the use of your heater. Whether you’re heating or cooling your Davenport, Florida, home or business, energy consumption is always a concern. Going without your heater or air conditioner are not options when it’s cold or blazing hot outside. Instead of sacrificing health and comfort, learn how you can incorporate ceiling fans as you use your HVAC system.

Partners in Cooling and Circulation

When you set the blades of your ceiling fan to spin in an counterclockwise direction, it actually helps to circulate the air from your air conditioner and make you feel cooler. As a result, you can set the thermostat a little higher, so that you save energy. This effect only works if you are in the room, because the fan doesn’t actually cool the room. There is no need, therefore, to leave the fan on if you aren’t in the room.

Helping With Heating

Even though the Central Florida region only gets cold temperatures for a short time each year, ceiling fans can also provide energy savings during winter. In this case, you will need to make sure the fan’s blades are set to spin in a clockwise direction. The warm air that is generated by the heating system tends to rise very quickly; ceiling fans can help by distributing this warm air downward. Use a low setting to help circulate the warm air.

Learn More About Energy Savings

A great way to manage energy consumption is to use your thermostat wisely. If your HVAC system isn’t providing the comfort you need, or you need help with thermostat programming, just call on the experts at Airpliance. We can provide you with many tips and services that will help you to save energy year round. Give us a call at 863-969-9021 for courteous and professional service.