There are plenty of good reasons to invest in a new furnace installation. A furnace replacement typically improves efficiency, saves money on operating costs, and offers greater reliability. Of course, it’s also an investment that doesn’t necessarily make sense in every situation. If you’re considering a new furnace, here are three surefire signs that now is the right time.

Your Furnace Is Obsolete

Even in a warm and pleasant climate like Winter Haven, Florida, no furnace is built to last forever. In fact, the average furnace is only expected to last for 15 to 20 years. If your unit is approaching this range, a new replacement can spare you plenty of headaches in the future. You’ll save the frustration and expenses that often come with managing a furnace near the end of its life. Considering new models are up to 15 percent more efficient, you might also enjoy significant savings on utility costs.

You’re Facing Frequent or Costly Repairs

No matter how reliable your furnace has been, there comes a time when even preventive maintenance isn’t enough. If you’re forced to call for repairs with frustrating regularity, you may just be throwing your money away. A major breakdown may pose a similar problem. Get a quote for the needed repairs and see how it measures up to the cost of a furnace installation. If the repairs cost more than a third of the price of a new system, you’re better off starting fresh.

Your Home Isn’t Heating Evenly

In addition to more frequent repairs and higher utility bills, aging furnaces also commonly decline in performance. This is most noticeable in the form of uneven heating around your home. Some areas may get too warm while others struggle to maintain a comfortable temperature. A furnace replacement is a surefire way to correct this issue and restore comfortable, consistent heating to your home.

A furnace replacement is a major decision that often comes with major benefits. If you think the time is right for a new furnace, check out Airpliance’s furnace installation services or call 863-969-9021.