When you live in a city named for its year-round warm weather, cooling bills are a necessary expense. In subtropical Winter Haven, Florida, a well-functioning air conditioner is simply a must. Staying cool and comfortable, however, doesn’t have to cost you an arm and leg. Airpliance offers a variety of systems that lower energy costs without compromising comfort. When it comes to saving money, ductless AC is at the top of the list.

1. Zero Air Loss

Traditional HVAC systems use ductwork to deliver conditioned air. It takes a substantial amount of energy to get the job done. Ducts are also subject to leaks that allow air to escape through cracks, gaps and loose connections. Drafty ductwork can account for as much as one third of the energy central AC systems use. Ductless AC eliminates air loss by sending cool air directly into living spaces.

2. Energy-Efficient Operation

Advanced technologies and features allow ductless systems to operate at peak efficiency even in the heat of a Winter Haven summer. At Airpliance, we’re proud to offer high-tech Trane systems built with inverter technology. These products feature multi-speed compressors that adjust automatically to meet your cooling demands. Trane’s variable-speed inverter technology makes the system up to 35 percent more efficient than air conditioners with single-speed operation.

3. Space-Specific Cooling

With a conventional AC system, conditioned air is distributed to every room, even those that are unoccupied. Equipped with individual thermostats and controls, ductless AC saves you money by cooling only the living spaces you’re actually using. This lets you personalize your comfort to perfection while lowering your energy bills too. Point-of-use operation makes ductless AC one of the most versatile cooling systems available in Winter Haven, FL.

If high cooling costs are making you re-think your choice for air conditioning, duct-free AC offers a money-saving alternative. To learn more, take a look our ductless services or call Airpliance at 863-969-9021 to explore your options.